Lumera believes in actively participating and conducting activities which are meaningful and with a purpose to bring eminent changes in the medical field.

Several activities which we conduct on regular intervals are:

Sahyogi Programme: It is a training programme which is designed to develop soft skills of Hospital Staff. 

Dry Eye Camp: Free check-up camps are conducted for the needful patients and free eye drops distributed.

Retinopathy camp: Free check-up camps and diabetes control camps are conducted to spread awareness in the patients.

Glaucoma Week: We are continuously involved in making people aware about the importance of regular eye check-up so that most of the preventable eye diseases can be diagnosed at time and treated.

Lumera Times Newsletter: Knowledge is a process which should be enhanced every second. With this purpose Lumera Times Newsletter is circulated amongst the medical fraternity covering all the latest updates, research and development in ophthalmology going on in the world.